So… what now?

I walked the walk. But now what?

So just this past weekend, I had the privilege, joy, and opportunity to partake in the commencement ceremony at my university to ceremoniously complete my undergraduate education. Though I do still have a short class, one short class to take in the summer, by all means, I’ve graduated and have started taking the steps into pursuing my next phase in life, medical school. After many consescutive years of formal education, I have taken a short stop in my academic career in what will be my “gap-year”.  The reason I had it included in quotation marks is because it’s only a gap year because I was able to graduate early, meaning this next year would have been my 4th year in college but I decided to just graduate early and take this next year to focus on myself, doing activities that I want to do as well as having a bit more freedom while I apply for medical schools for matriculation in Fall 2018!


Luckily, I was fortunate enough to be offered two different part time jobs in this treacherous and stressful time while I apply for medical schools. Ever since finals, it’s been stress on stress with filling out the AMCAS, managing letters of recommendations, writing and editing my personal statement and trying to think of activities that I’ve done that not only illustrate who I am to the best of 15 activities, but also being able to write about it in a way that doesn’t come off as generic and cliche. It’s definitely been a lot of work so far and I’ve only been out of school for just one week, I definitely hope that I don’t need to take another gap year because I think this is one of those situations, where you’re happy to do it, but never again after it. I’ve been able to continue my work in my current research lab, and I am now happily more involved by being in a paid position, but this also means increased obligations and responsibilities but I am happy to step up to the plate because I genuinely enjoy what I do and I believe that the applications can be truly widespread. As a result, I’ll be having increased exposure to the animal protocols, DNA and Protein characterization and protocols as well, as opposed to me primarily just working with proteins during my past time with this lab. Additionally, I will doing much more computational work utilizing not only the tools that we have in the lab but also most likely writing out programs and scripts that can be used for further data clean up and ease of analysis. Another position I will be working is at my now alma mater where I will be working as an operations technicians, handling both the data analytics and clean up for the department as well as with daily operational workflow to ensure that everything runs smoothly! As a result, I will be taking over the transition from a paper copy of conducting inventory into a fully digital/mobile version of keeping inventory! On the other half of the job description, I will be conducting data analysis and aiding others in generating reports and dashboards to help ensure that their operations run smoothly as well! It’s stuff that I did before, but now I can actually do it and not be bothered by other more menial tasks.

I honestly didn’t think I would have been so passionate about what I am doing, but I hope to continue to be passionate and I hope to accomplish something substantial, not only terms of medical school success but in everything else that I do! As long as I put forth an honest effort, I hope to be repaid in success, regardless of what form it comes in! Though I am still unsure of what will happen within the next year, I do have some goals I would like to accomplish!

  • Friggin make it into medical school! But more realistically, I would like to at least receive 65% in terms of secondaries, 50% of that in II’s, and at the very least, I would like 2 acceptances for medical school! Aiming high and truthfully, it’s an entirely unpredictable system but I hope to find success this year! I truly believe in my strengths, activities, experiences, and my own ability to find success!
  • I hope to be able to catalog, define, map and organize everything that is related to the office of undergraduate admissions. Although my operations technician job has multiple facets, I hope to succeed in the main two, to be able to successfully take over for the current inventory specialist and prepare a turnover file for the next person so there isn’t as much confusion as I am currently facing and then to also be able to provide the best help that I can in ensuring proper workflow of day-to-day operations for the office through the use of report generation, analysis, dashboard creation, data clean up and much much more.
  • Research! I hope to be able to help everybody in their projects as well as potentially find success with my own project! Hopefully, it can lead to a paper, a poster and even a presentation! In the end, I hope to continue learning and applying and integrating the skills I learn!
  • Travel! I hope to be able to travel, meet new people and meet old friends as well!

Whatever I do with my time, I want to enlighten myself and those around me through lifelong learning.



Article by Sir. Lappleton III

I'm a happy-go-lucky recent graduate that started a blog as a way to not only document my education and my experiences, but also to share it with whoever stumbles upon my site! Hopefully I can keep you guys entertained as well as learn about a few things from IT as well as from my time and experiences as I plunge deeper and deeper into healthcare! A couple of my areas of focus is data management, system security (cyber security), as well as information technology policy.

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