Money Management as a Generation “Nope”

Money Management in the Age of Trump

Many problems, and it all stems from improper management of money. There’s a reason why many millennials and Gen-Xs have such a difficult time, and it’s because the old guard and baby boomers don’t retire. There is a financial reason and it’s because most of them simply cannot afford the cost of living after retirement, the average savings of someone near retirement age is 100k, but almost 40% of that population don’t have nearly that amount of money saved. Many often look down on living with parents, but soon it’ll be you returning the favor when they retire. Many simply cannot afford to leave their jobs.  That’s why as someone in my generation, despite being looked down upon, we have some of the most difficult situations, we work early, we lack the national funds to send people to college, we still have to pay for loans and we continue to pay for social security, in which we will never see returned to us. Cost of living is destruction, as many people need to work in that area for their industry, but with loans it’s not possible. In fact, you hear all the time about how the old guard talks about how the current generation has become lazy and is wanting too much, how they simply cry for help at the first sign of money troubles without understanding the full story of it all. I’ve heard stories of people in past coming out of high school and working at a job for $14-17, and now people are coming out of college and are barely able to find a job that’s willing to pay $14-17, and that may be contingent on YEARS of experience already.


Unfortunately baby boomers, retain too much power in today’s society and it’s really something that has devastated us as a society, although it’s really nothing too bad compared to other countries, the effect that they have had on us will continue to affect the many generations afterward. Hopefully, as the new generations such as mine and the following we can make some progress. Turns out that they were a self entitled generation who benefited from the social security programs, excellent public services and a balance economy, only to tear it up, ruin it and sell it for personal gain once they’ve risen up above the need for it. All the while, criticizing the younger generation to make it on their own and work harder, despite them being granted so many different and actually useful resources. It’s the saying, that the greatest generation gave birth to the worst generation that infuriates me. It’s such a shortsighted though, an epic sense of entitlement and greed that had pushed the baby boomers to become the worst part of society their parents worked so hard to create and forge for future generations. So not to be a pessimist, but in one generation, it’s safe to say that they’ve ruined their parents legacy while leaving the future generations with a mess and a burden to clean up for the sake of those that follow after. We’ve become a gritty and realistic generation, we grew up in resource scarcity, financial bust, and moral bankruptcy. We grew up in a world where it’s filled with nuclear proliferation, religious clash of ideas, and terrorism, all created from one generation’s ignorance of their effects, or even worse the disregard of the effects, believing that they won’t have to face the consequences. There is no more of a chance to enjoy escapism, to flee into the woods and live happily and without burden. We must recognize ourselves as characters in a glum and grayscale society, we have to take on the mantle and fix the problems before our kids become even more of a pragmatic and skeptical society that has lost all sense of morals and ideals. We’ve seen this in a recent reflection in media today, with a realistic disillusioned superhero story, a disillusioned story of drug dealers, a disillusioned fantasy world and everything that shows the hopelessness in society. All as opposed to the idealistic escapist media of before, no more are the opportunities to take time off and go on a vacation. It’s a cutthroat world where any less of an effort and your career is ruined and your job is replaced by a country who will do it for a fraction, or your job is replaced by automation. I fear our society when the rich truly have the whole control, and they truly lack the empathy for the 99.9% of society cannot escape the cycle of poverty, middle class citizenship or even second class citizenship.

money rock
Who needs the milly rock, when we can have the money rock?

In essence, the economic policies of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s have led us to where we are today. From taxation to social policies, it had become so much harder to for poor people to escape or even breach past the cycle of poverty. Despite glaring problems, no actions were taken because of the power and influence of those that benefited from the problem. In the 80s, the baby boomers were reaching adulthood or were at that stage, and they believed they had done it all themselves, without the help of excellent social programs and economic stability. Despite partaking in such helpful and beneficial government programs, they managed to selectively not remember this and are asking the next few generations to pretend that they never relied on the government and to do it themselves, without infrastructure or help. They are pushing to end those very same social programs that they relied on growing up, the tax policy that supported the US for economic stability and programs that helped them to live a better life.

Article by Sir. Lappleton III

I'm a happy-go-lucky recent graduate that started a blog as a way to not only document my education and my experiences, but also to share it with whoever stumbles upon my site! Hopefully I can keep you guys entertained as well as learn about a few things from IT as well as from my time and experiences as I plunge deeper and deeper into healthcare! A couple of my areas of focus is data management, system security (cyber security), as well as information technology policy.

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