ICD10 Diagnoses Codes for Pokemon Go Patients!

Common ICD-10 Codes Used Against Pokemon Go Players

With the new craze and advent towards virtual reality, there’s also going to be a rise in relevant diagnoses codes for these players.

Now, some background on Pokemon Go for those that aren’t familiar with it. It is a location-based, augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic, the same company that developed Ingress, that allows the Pokemon Trainers to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokemon that appear throughout the real world. Using a smartphone’s camera, you’re able to view the Pokemon world through the lenses as well as encounter Pokemon. Just to better explain what the game is, here is an image that I found from image source. Although it is still a relatively bare bones release compared to its brother, Ingress, there are some wonderful functionalities such as location-based Pokemon areas, capturing gyms, as well as hatching eggs through walking. Just browsing through Reddit on the first week of release, there were so many posts on how it’s been a fun game that have helped people to go outside and walking around, thus aiding in losing weight as well as many other problems that people were facing before such as depression and anxiety and more. In a sense, it’s also created a community of friendly players working together to “Catch ’em all” and for that, it’s been a wonderful medium. Although I personally don’t play myself, I have tagged along with friends who have gone to several Chicago-wide Pokemon Go meetups where people just get together, talk, hangout and have an overall blast.

However, with all of the benefits have come disadvantages as well, these past two weeks there has been a rise suspicious activity with an unlinked causation to Pokemon Go. In fact, the Japanese government had to release a safety tips infographic to warn people to not just keep their heads down to their phones, to not use personally identifying information etc. There have been cases of people being mugged, or attacked for their smartphones.

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The game has allowed people to even stumble upon dead bodies as well! With most mobile phone applications, security has always been a worry as well (just look at mobile security in healthcare, and the lack of it!) that user permissions have been scanned meticulously and Niantic is actually under fire for requesting more information during the download process than the application actually needs. Although most mobile applications always have a form of “grant user access” to their contact’s and google/itunes account, it was a bit suspicious when the iOS and Android version were asking for full access permission for user accounts. Although Niantic did respond quickly it was a security flaw that has to be acknowledged. But with that, make sure you guys actually check what user permissions are being requested when you’re download applications! Some of them will make sense, and some of them will make you think “why does a flashlight app need my full name and access to my google account?” so be wary! Another thing to be aware are phishing apps that may look like official Pokemon supplementary applications or what would appear to be a “guide” or a “cheat”. I’ve went through Google Play and the ITunes store for a bit and reported most of these suspicious apps, but be careful. But most importantly, be careful of weather exposure! Some people walk around for 6-8 hours trying to catch Pokemon and they simply forget to drink water or lose track of time and where they are, thus having them end up in more tricky situations. And here is an image of some nice practical information!

icd10 disappointment wastedNow that the background information is out of the way, let’s get to the meat of this post. As I was going through my usual news websites in the morning, I realized I had stumbled into many Pokemon Go related articles on safety and how people have become dehydrated and whatnot. With people’s eyes on their screen and how people are just “walking and smartphoning” people have gotten into accidents, whether it was their fault or not. Heck things like a kid being hit by a car playing Pokemon Go have happened, although I firmly believe it was the child’s fault because she was trying to walk across a major highway, and just a couple of days later she comes out to blame Pokemon Go for taking her into the highway (facepalm… shake my head in shame).

That article links to other news of people crashing into trees with their cars and bikes and what not. Anyways, in this Reddit post, I came across of ICD10 codes that could be relevant to Pokemon Go injuries. I’ll just list them out here as well instead of having to stare at a picture taken by a 13-year old potato.

  1. W18.0 Fall due to bumping against object – You walked into that stop sign on your own. But that sign should have moved for you.
  2. E86.0 Dehydration – Well you either keep a refillable water bottle with you on your journey, or you find a Blastoise to hydro pump for you. For cute factor, get a Squirtle 😛
  3. V48.0 Injured in a noncollision transport accident in nontraffic incident – I’m  100% sure there will be someone that gets wheeled in on a gurney because they walked into a parked car and they’re too embarrassed so they pretend it was a hit and run only for everybody to see the CCTV afterwards.
  4. F60.8 Narcissistic personality disorder – Oh come on. You have 0 life and you’re level 22… woopdeedoo.
  5. L55.0 Sunburn of first degree – /r/Outside is leaking, people are getting of  their couches and leeching in that Vitamin D, but just make sure you get don’t forget about the sun!
  6. R41.82 Altered mental status–unspecified – To that person that didn’t drink any water and has been wandering around for 5 hours.
  7. T23.0 Burns of unspecified degree of hand, unspecified site – If you have your phone on for 8 hours with the screen on with Pokemon Go active, chances are your phone will start to get hot and burn you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ shame, you just got Charmander’d.
  8. R52.82 Other fatigue–lack of energy, lethargy, tiredness – No, it’s not because you have a Drowzee or Hypno. No, it’s not because a Jigglypuff is singing. No, it’s not because you’re lugging around a Snorlax. It’s because you’re tired and you should rest in the shade. Unfortunately, if you’re a in a rural area. You might have people coming in saying this: pokemon go icd10
  9. Y04.0 Assault by unarmed brawl or fight – Don’t be this person.
  10. G56.00 Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, unspecified upper limb – If you’re just gonna spin and toss that pokeball all day, work out different fingers so you don’t just kill your thumb alone. Also, your non-dominant hand might get stiff if you keep it wrapped around your phone all day.
  11. V97.33XD: Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter – Well, at some point we’ll start to have Pokemon actually in the air when the subsequent generations are brought in and Fly becomes an ability paired with VR technology. And, I’m afraid that people are going to run into this. It’s bad enough that you get sucked in once already, but a subsequent encounter? I’d probably let the Rayquaza go.
  12. V00.01XD: Pedestrian on foot injured in collision with roller-skater, subsequent encounter – Roller Skaters are a thing. So once again, Don’t be this person. Honestly, any of the V0-V50 could be applicable because those are Motorcycles and Bicycles. We all get the bicycle, but eventually we’ll run into the motorcycle thugs that all have that Koffing at some point! Unfortunately, I even know some people that play while they’re driving!!!
  13. Z99.89: Dependence on enabling machines and devices, not elsewhere classified – I don’t know when they’ll introduce trainer battles, but when they do and the VS Seeker becomes a thing. We’ll see multiple rounds of the same people in the emergency room cause they have that grudge.
  14. W61.62XD: Struck by duck, subsequent encounter – When you just can’t capture that Psyduck, or you can’t evolve it into a Golduck. Sigh.

Bonus: Be prepared for trainers coming in with lower back problems after lugging around an external battery pack all day!


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