SysAdmin Path! What I’m Doing!

I wanna be the very best (sysadmin)!

The sysadmin that no one could ever beeeaattt— dooh dooh dooh (Sys-Ad-Min)

How was that? Hopefully you read that title under the pokemon theme song, but if you didn’t… well sigh. sysadmin squirtle cryingWell there isn’t much I could have really given a hint to in the title though. But here I am! Through these past two years, I have faced a variety of different facets of Information Technology and I’ve been exposed to a variety of different specializations such as software and web development, database management, actual management (project/policies), cybersecurity (ethical hacking and penetration testing) but the one that stood out the most for me are the administrative tasks of scripting, automation, virtualization and best of all? Organizing my own Plex server for my streaming needs. However, I also have a huge interest in database management so I think I will be pursuing a combination of both and if all works out, being a sysadmin with an emphasis in database management. So here are a couple of resources that I’ll be using along the way. I’m mainly interested in Windows Server management (for now).

So here we go, first off from Cybrary. They have a variety of learning modules for windows server administration and I’ll also be doing some of the modules for their virtualization tutorials!

After that, we have the lovely, Microsoft sponsored documentation, virtual labs and documentation! They have a variety of other tutorials, documentation, and lessons for a variety of other things but I’ll mainly be using them to learn about windows server configuration, essentials and management. One of the biggest things that I want to learn are about best practice configuration with active directory on a domain controller! AD/DC…. no not AC/DC, but AD/DC!

After that! I’ve got a couple of books and ebooks that I’ll be hopefully going through!

Now! Time for me to stop smelling the flowers, boot up a VM and start working on it! sysadmin squirtle smelling flowers

Also, here’s a nice infographic on AD! It’s what inspired me to learn more about it!

Sysadmin Infographic

Article by Sir. Lappleton III

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