Farewell my old friend, BSOD.

The infamous and disastrous BSOD.

A plague. A disease. A headache. A frustration. A problem. A pain in the patookis.

We’ve all had it once in our lifetime before, unless you’ve been a plebe Mac or Linux user your whole life, in that case, you’ve missed out from the joys of life… the joys of a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Recently, as I was playing around with my now retired laptop, I had originally dual booted i with Linux and I wanted to update the graphics card and drivers for the Linux machine. Well, one thing led to another, OS’s got bricked, screens started tearing, pixels were everywhere. I booted up into my Windows OS to see if the graphics problem was the driver or the physical card and it turned out to just be the driver on my Linux OS. I wanted to try and download an older version for Linux but my screen was freezing, colors were thrown everywhere and in the end, I decided to screw it and reinstall that Linux machine. Well, as I mentioned before, one thing led to another, hours were lost in my sleep and my day as I was doing this in the wee early snippets of the morning, and I accidentally installed and formatted Linux Mint… on my entire hard drive instead of the partition I was aiming for…

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NOW! I ended up with an entire Linux Mint OS on my machine and with my stupidity, I ended up upgrading and updating the same drivers as before, thinking it was because of a corruption and it led to the same problem. SO. Round 2 of the Linux boot. This time I was a bit smarter, but for some reason, the graphics problem persisted. The screen was still all screwed up but the problem was still there. In the end, I decided to completely wipe and reformat my hard drive and install Windows 7. Well all went well and dandy, but with a new machine… I had no drivers, it’s not like I did a system restore using my image partition that kept the drivers. So I had to use my normal PC, download all the necessary drivers… thankfully Lenovo has a compiled site of the drivers to use so I didn’t have to search around.


I looked up all of the possible reasons and I recorded the error messages. I didn’t really have to because it was a clean restore and I already had a guess at what the problem was considering it’s what caused my Linux problems. The graphics drivers. So I looked at here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here. And ALL of them either had short term solutions or they were never resolved. After adding all of the drivers onto a USB and downloaded them…. I went through the cycle of installing Windows Updates, restarting and rebooting computers. I went through my Ninite process to download my apps. But each time, I would end up with a BSOD with the atikmpag.sys error as well as the 0x0116 error value. I ended up using the Tron Script, trying to see if it could defrag, find broken and corrupted files and help fix them. Tron is an automated batch file that goes through a series of steps of anti-viruses, malware, defragging and a ton of important Windows processes to help fix and control any problems. Fortunately it did fix my problem for a period of time, but again it went into BSODs again. I tried to disable and uninstall the video driver, but it would keep auto installing each time on start up. I kept researching more and more, trying Driver Verifier Manager and then stumbled upon this post. I REALIZED. It wasn’t necessarily the driver problem, but it could have been the BIOS not being able to handle the newer video driver. So updating the BIOS eventually fixed it! I have yet to BSOD, but I’ll still have to download a game and stress test it.

But for now. All is good and I bid farewell, auf wiederschen, and good bye to my olde friend, BSOD.


Article by Sir. Lappleton III

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