YODO – You Only Die Once

YODO – You Only Die Once

Morbid Eh? Well I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to but I just wanted to put it out there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Unfortunately, the caption for the gifv doesn’t exactly encompass the feel that this was supposed to gif [hehe] but oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But you must be asking yourself, why YODO? Well, I gotta say the first and foremost reason is to avoid the copyright lawsuit thrown my way. So you’ll understand along the way, but YODO.

*please don’t Kanye, plis otherwise I’ll embarrass you further by promoting that picture of you torrenting music software after you just condemned those that torrented LOP*

Now, this post won’t exactly be relevant but it’s still an important message that I want to get across. Maybe it’s motivational, maybe it’s just a circlejerk but I want to put this out there. Now, it probably makes so much common sense and you’re face palming yourself in embarrassment and shame for me, but I phrased it this way because I wanted people to view their life as a whole until death. Unlike Mr. West’s interpretation of YOLO, which leads to the connotation of living in the now, or as the great Robin Williams once orated, “Carpe Diem, O captain my captain” (I know that’s not the quote). But as important as it is to live in the now, I think it’s equally important if not more to live for your future, to set the foundation for the years ahead. By looking ahead into the future, it allows us to slow down, to plan for simplicity yet complexity as a whole. Contradictive huh? What I mean is to take things simply and slowly, but for every action to have a planned reaction. For each action to build and aggregate into a whole process and workflow.


Nowadays, people are rushing around, trying to throw things together as fast as they can, to get rich fast, retire early, and as pop culture would put it today, “F*ck B****s, Get Moneh*. But if you just take a step back, recent events can help you realize and consider that the fate of humanity is much more and broad than the years that you will be living so it’s important to take things slow to ensure that you leave behind a significant enough impact on those around you at the very worst, and at the best, to change the world, however you want it to change, for better or for worse, in love and in sickness.

Something I hope to emphasize is that for each problem, it’s important to take the time to understand it, to analyze it and then to work to create the simplest solution. Work smarter, not harder. Don’t start jumping to the easiest and fastest solution without really understanding the problem or issue at hand, and optimally, avoid those complex solutions. Keep your plan simple, simple ideas, simple paths, and simple solutions are better milestones for you to reach your future. As a wise man once spoke:

“Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability”

Now, hopefully, I can come back full circle to my original post of YODO. You only die once, so make your life worth something. Make an impact. Make a difference, but most importantly, make yourself feel as if you did something important. Don’t worry about convincing others of your worth, instead, convince yourself of your own self-worth. If you have a goal, break it down into SMART goals. Achieve it, and continue on. I understand it’s difficult to have your end goal plan already, but sometimes it’s possible to keep it broad, such as having a family or owning a home. Start saving, learn about investing, learn about financial options, learn about things that you can do to get started. Maybe it’s your goal to become a Senator, each action that you do and commit, should have that goal in mind. You only die once, so make sure your death is worth it, as morbid as that seems.

First experiment with .gif creation…and likely a metaphor for the success of this upload.

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