Blogging Scrub. Oh What A Headache.

The Good Ol’ Days of Blogging

Back when I was younger, I remember the simplicity of blogging. Having your webpage being hosted on a free hosting server and domain, such as blogger and blogspot, and all that was needed was a simple form to write, submit, and have it posted? But nowadays, it’s gotten much more complicated with widgets, dashboards, plugins and themes. I had decided to go into this thinking it would be much more simple but boy, was I wrong.

A blogging scrub, that’s what I am. 


Now, there is an entire science and business plan when it comes to blogging when it comes to the entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mechanic in order to abuse the spiders and crawlers of today’s search engines to the entire monetization of blogs and making a living off of it. I guess in most cases, blogging is an art form itself just as twerking and competitive paint blowing has come and go in today’s fad-filled world. Though I am relatively competent with HTML, CSS and Javascript, just having these tools that help with site creation are over my head. In other words, I’m a scrub.

Although I had originally told myself that I would go through with a simple and responsive layout for this blog, the more I researched and read up on the subreddit about how to maximize SEO mechanics, links, contact forms, page builders and everything else, I found that I was throwing more and more time into what began as a creative outlet.

This blog has been alive for less than a week, but I feel like I’ve been doing the work of giants for years. I have been switching through tabs on tabs on tabs of resources, guides, and documentation for everything that I am using, that I have fallen behind on my own content and media, the things that actually matter the most to me. As a result, I’ve given myself a deadline and due date for the “most likely possible in the end, I’ll probably waffle a bit” layout and design and everything else will be devoted to content creation.

Article by Sir. Lappleton III

I'm a happy-go-lucky recent graduate that started a blog as a way to not only document my education and my experiences, but also to share it with whoever stumbles upon my site! Hopefully I can keep you guys entertained as well as learn about a few things from IT as well as from my time and experiences as I plunge deeper and deeper into healthcare! A couple of my areas of focus is data management, system security (cyber security), as well as information technology policy.