Who am I? What I bring? When will I post? Where I am? Why I want to do this?


Me? I’m another Asian-American kid, one of the thousands, if not tens of thousands, heck based off of UC Lotsa Asians (UCLA) .. .wwhhhaaatt? But really, just the UC school system could push the number up to hundreds of thousands of Asian Americans. But me? At the time of writing this, I’m 19 years young with black suave hair, handsome features, and the strength of what you would expect from a well-built 5’4″ person… well only 3 of those are true, I’ll let you figure it out.



Though I dream big, I believe that I’m one of a kind. That I am not another cog in the machine that we call the ‘premedical tract’ (see what I did there?) I believe that I bring a unique view, opinions and perspectives that not only will I appreciate in the future, but also something that I can share with others. Yes, I intend to pursue medicine, it is something that I have always wanted to do ever since I was a kid and even now that I am getting blasted by schoolwork, extracurriculars and trying to make a sliver of time to spend with friends. But what I thought would be a terrific time of my life, has turned out to be one of the most nerve-wracking and finger-biting situations that I have ever been placed in, preparation for medical school admissions.

But what I also bring is my love for technology, computers, and the “can could, will would, shall should” in the integration of technology into healthcare and medicine. Often seen as two distinct crossroads and fields of education, I am currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology and Management with a minor in Premedical Studies. Though this site is the Puzzled Premed, I do plan to bring in elements of technology and discuss the up and comings, technical terms, as well as interesting things that I have learned as well as learning right now.

What Makes Me Tick.
I might still be young, but I enjoy learning about the world that we live in, the world that is governed by our current state of comparative health systems.


Truthfully, I’m not sure. I came up with a little schedule of posting and a schedule of the content that I want to add, but with classes the way they are, and my own sadistic need to torture myself with close to 30 hours of part-time work, 20 credit hours of courses, research, volunteering and everything else that I thought I could handle, I’d be happy to even have time to write my introductory sentence each week. However, as of now, I have planned to post content weekly, relating to my own struggles with premed as well as interesting technological innovations and things that I have learned along the way.

Where I Am?

I could go into my life story but for the most part, I can break it down into a phrase:

Born in Lubbock, Texas. Grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Matured in San Marino, California. Adulting in Chicago, Illinois.

Why I want to do this?

Cause I don’t want to be another basic Tumblr bishtic. But in all seriousness, I see it as an opportunity to let others know how I am doing, my lifetips and hacks, my struggles and pains, and most of all to start creating and forming a professional portfolio for myself. As I grow older, I’ll probably link my resume and other social media to be contacted but right now, I’ll try to keep this relatively anonymous. (Oh wait, my name is the domain name… doh).

I wanted to buy my name :3 and I was too poor to buy a domain name for this blog, so while one section will be a blog, I would love another to be about myself professionally by linking GitHub repositories, my LinkedIn as well as social media contacts!

Article by Sir. Lappleton III

I'm a happy-go-lucky recent graduate that started a blog as a way to not only document my education and my experiences, but also to share it with whoever stumbles upon my site! Hopefully I can keep you guys entertained as well as learn about a few things from IT as well as from my time and experiences as I plunge deeper and deeper into healthcare! A couple of my areas of focus is data management, system security (cyber security), as well as information technology policy.