System.out.println(“Hello World”);

Hello World! This is my life in a nutshell.

Well, I suppose this is the start of a new chapter for me. In most introductory programming classes, this would be my “Hello World” post. The post where I persuade myself that this is something worth learning, and that this is something that I will fight on and succeed in. However, like most things programming, I run out of steam, I lose interest, and worst of all, I come to dread it.

However! This will be a chapter that started in the middle of my second semester of my second year in college. A chapter that not only marks my growth and maturation, but also where and when I require an outlet for my thoughts, feelings, and rants. This WILL be a chapter that I can proudly look back it, with “No Ragrets”.

Ragrets? I ain't got none.
What ragrets could I possible have?

For the most part, this blog will probably go unnoticed because I’m really trying to use it as a future tool for myself to look back and see what I learned but also as an indicator of how I’ve grown as an academic, a friend, a lover, and most importantly as myself. In the end though, this is truly something that I have always wanted to do, to blog about my own thoughts, to discuss the things that I have learned in classes, or to throw my feelings and emotions out into the world.

Inspired by medical blogs and websites that I read for news and content, I wanted to create something of my own that can encapsulate my own thoughts, views, and ideas along with my knack and passion for technology itself. I’m someone who is driven by understanding more about the interoperability of Electronic Health Records (EHR) as well as the ongoing standardization of the data and how they can be SECURELY transmitted.

Primarily, this is what I use. KevinMD

Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun… oh heck, yes they are!

I suppose the one downside as to owning your domain name, is that there is no anonymity, not that there ever really was any in the age of the internet but it could have allowed me the availability to write on more serious topics of discussion instead of having to take the time to censor and filter my true thoughts. Oh screw that, I’m still going to do that. If people are actually taking the time to look up my name and to see what skeletons I might have in the closet, I guess this is the best place to find it and get to know.

As I close this class. I bid you adieu. And all the other greetings from that Sound of Music song.

Hello from ... the OTTER SIDE.
But really though. “Hello from the OTTER Side (of the screen)”

Article by Sir. Lappleton III

I'm a happy-go-lucky recent graduate that started a blog as a way to not only document my education and my experiences, but also to share it with whoever stumbles upon my site! Hopefully I can keep you guys entertained as well as learn about a few things from IT as well as from my time and experiences as I plunge deeper and deeper into healthcare! A couple of my areas of focus is data management, system security (cyber security), as well as information technology policy.